Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday favories-{a follow-up}

Can we first do a little follow-up story?  Remember this post from November?
Let's add me calling stores all over the US for this dang dress, checking ebay, the internet.  This is basically stalker type of stuff.
So, fast-forward to December say 23rd.
Place: Grand Rapids, MI Anthropologie.

Now, the last time I dragged my mom to Anthro, it was for a fun (I can't even type this I'm laughing so hard) "holiday workshop".  Workshop is what we thought was making some super cute decoration or a take-home item.  Nope.  It was working to make their holiday window displays.  At one point, they gave us a break, lucky us, and I looked over and my mom was the only one working. lol

We crimped this silver paper stuff.  So weird.  This is what it looked like.  Imagine going for a fun craft and being put to work.  But such a good story.

Back to the good stuff.
It was an extra 20% off day.  I dragged my mom there and apparently everyone else got my special email about the sale.  I always go to the clearance room first.  Sometimes I try not to, but I just feel like an itchy sweater.  Something is wrong when I do that.

I was looking at the rack of dresses.  Then I looked a second time from the other side of the same rack.

I saw her.

In my size.

I attacked my mom.  I attacked the sales lady (who probably thinks I was either a nut-ball or high).  And of course I told her too much.  The whole long story.

She made Christmas so much prettier!  And my cute cousins and photo-bombing Uncle. ;) 

Remember kids, persistence pays off.  And makes you look cray-cray.
:) Katie

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