Friday, January 9, 2015

This week in pictures

Thought I'd share some pictures of this past week.  I use social media a lot, so to not have shared pictures is hard. I love looking at people's pictures and sharing mine too. 
My eyes went right to her hands at the dentist.  So sweet and gentle.  Unlike mine that are usually gripping the chair for dear life.

Someone told me a story about when they were watching Bruno Mars on the eliptical and fell off because he told her to start dancing.   She is trying to be more careful in case he reads this and is worried about her.  Don't worry, she's ok. ;)

I stopped at one of my favorite thrift stores near town to get some supplies.  I needed a new display for a store that carries my products. Got some wood, drawers and chicken wire. I'll take a pic when I fill it up.  Which you should hopefully see by the time you read this.

A bag of 20 books in my girl's hand.  I love her face when I said she couldn't check out more than 20 books.  Like I said "no more fun ever".  My little reader.

I have a love/hate relationship with 25 piles of books everywhere.  

E and I have been working on this puzzle for a week.  It's been a little bonding time here and there.  Fun to see her accomplish something as simple as a puzzle.  Beats tv. 

A beautiful note came from my grandpa in the mail.  "This might have been the best Christmas ever." he said. Tears ensued.


:) Katie

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Tricia said...

Miss you. Thoughts: love Ella's little hands and that she is such a great reader! You are so crafty. I cried opening Grandpa's note. So sweet. Love you ��