Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ideas for stress relief

I know that everyone deals with stress and has stress in their life. Sometimes small and sometimes very overwhelming. And for me, in the grand scheme of things, my problems are small compared to others. And with that said, who should compare problems? No one.

But to help with the little stresses of life, I thought I would share some of my helpful calming tips. Which is also funny if you know me. I am a lot calmer than I used to be. But still. Lol

1. Diffuse oils.
I use Young Living Peace and Calming. I also apply it to my wrists. It's my go-to oil for calming the heck down.

2. Work out.
I'm not perfect with this, but it completely helps. I've started watching videos of Bruno, JT, Beyoncé and JLo on Youtube. They get me thru. And I feel like if I try to get off the eliptical early, Jlo's abs are giving me a dirty look.

3. Sleep. 
Sometimes like a little baby, you just need some sleep. With a cute, soft night mask. And lavender diffusing. And a blankey from your mom.   And if you do that and feel like it didn't help, just think that you now have 2 less hours in your crappy day!

4. Wine.

5. Shopping. 
Usually I just get out and go thrift shopping. That's my favorite thing in the world to do. Shocking right? I have been known to go buy make-up from time-to-time. Or clothes.  I like to stay well-rounded.

6. Baths.
Some like, some don't.  I 100% love.

7. A good friend "complain" fest. My close girls are so kind when I go off and just get it out. It's always over the phone/text. I love my close friends. They are THE best.  I should write a post about my close friends but they would kill me.  And that makes me want to gush more.

8. Chocolate. Obviously.

What helps you when you are feeling stressed?

P.S. Have you bought your Valentine gifts yet?  You have about a week to get your orders in!


sf said...

This sounds about right krause.

Joni said...

Perfection! You always make me smile when I read your blogs. Xo

Trixiegirl said...
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