Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17: Wall Nail Letter

I laugh because sometimes I don't look back at the Pinterest pin until I'm done with my try.  
Maybe I have something in my head and don't "need" the directions. 
This is an good example.  
Maybe some of you measure when nailing into the wall, maybe some of you don't.
Maybe I don't too.   
Here we go.

Here is my version...

Here is the wall we are working with.  It was feeling lonely.  ;)

You will need yarn (I switched to twine half way thru, a hammer, nails, a level, and measuring tape.

I needed to start going up the wall more, filling in more space.  I don't have a plan with this wall, but to just keep adding to it.  I will probably laugh in disgust in years when it looks like a dusty wall with memories of a  great idea!
Just like tight rolling or something.

Measure where you want the nails to go.  Nail away.  This is very hard because I should be telling you how to get the best outcome.  I call this winging it planning. 

I tied a small knot and just hooked it on the first nail that you want to start with.

This is the simple twine K that I ended up with.  I like her. 

 Can you see her up there?

You could do this anywhere. 
On a small part of a wall that needs a little something. 
Maybe put an old frame over it.
 Have you tried any of the

Let me know what you did and how it turned out!!!


sf said...

I like your imperfect k. It's perfect. Why did you decide to switch to twine, just curious.

Trixiegirl said...

Thanks "sf". I switched because I was looking a little like a kindergarten craft. :)